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The Unwritten

Longlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize in 2021, The Unwritten is a Robin Hood tale in its true and original guise of class rebellion.


England, 1369. Nor Sawsham, a clever peasant woman born in the wake of the Black Death, is forced into an abusive arranged marriage that produces no children. She realises her father-in-law, the ambitious and cruel Bailiff, will not let a little thing like her life stand in the way of his and his son’s advancement.

Escape is no small thing and in doing so she finds other misfits like herself. Together they must find a way to survive outside the bounds of common law. Nothing is certain. Meanwhile, her father-in-law will not give up his mission to make his son a widower…

This exciting historical adventure shows the working-class Fourteenth Century world to be, far from the staid feudal dullness of school history, as turbulent and diverse as our own.


Claire Temple

Since moving to Exeter, I’ve been able to complete my novel and, post-pandemic, have been acting and directing with the Exeter Drama Company. I’m thrilled to have completed my first full-length play, Edifice And Artifice, and hope to be able to bring it to production soon.

Over the years I’ve read at various poetry readings around London, with a headline slot once at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden, and was lucky enough to have five poems published in 2019. You can read more about my writing life by clicking below, or head to the Theatre tab for my involvement in performances.

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Stories are a special case of time. They can convey the thoughts of another human in front of us, or the thoughts of humans from millennia ago.